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Comprehensive solution. Technology for preserving cultural heritage (PDF, 6 Mb)


British prints of 18th – 19th centuries (PDF, 8 Mb)






CJSC «EPOS Group» is Russian technological company specializing in development and production of electrooptic systems for registration and digital processing of images. Scientific researches carried out by the Company, allowed to create original equipment, which is currently in use both for scientific applications and for fulfilment of various tasks in the field of humanities. CJSC «EPOS Group» developed technology designed for museums and libraries, which is in use whenever a high-precision digital filming of artifacts, rare books and manuscripts is used.

The main feature of this technology is capability to digitize big-size artistic originals with high colour precision. In doing so, it is possible to fulfil the paramount requirement of protecting exhibits by minimizing the impact of light on artifacts, dilapidated documents, frail manuscripts, and rare photographs.

The Company has a rich experience of collaboration with major museums and libraries of Russia in the field of creating high-precision digital archives of national heritage items. It is important that such archives are versatile, i.e. they allow further use of digital photos not only for cataloging collections, publication of facsimile material, but also for attribution, restoration and expertise of artifacts.

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